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Thank you for taking a look at TSG Real Estate. Check out who we are and what we offer and if you think we may be the right place for you to call home feel free to reach out to us and we can schedule a confidential time to chat.  We are proudly a four time Best Real Estate Agency winner in the Summerville Journal Scene's Reader's Choice Awards, a testament to our commitment to being a positive contributor to our community. 
Our company culture is shaped by two simple and timeless principles: the golden rule of treating others as we would want to be treated and servant leadership which compels us to serve first, to put the needs of others first and to focus on the growth and well being of the people we work with and our community. Our office is like a little family so we look for agents who match the culture and vibe of our office who we can be an asset to. We are results oriented and client focused and we like to have fun while doing our job. Rather than trying to sign up as many agents as we can and hoping some make it, we work hard to bring in the right agents who we want to invest the time and effort in to help them succeed on their terms. As a young growing company we adapt quickly to changing times and technology to help our agents and clients achieve and exceed their goals. TSG is owned by Dan and Sherry Swift who is our broker in charge and we have an assistant broker in charge in Tommy Richards.  Combined we have over half a century of experience so we know what it is like to be in your shoes and we are always available to help guide and mentor our agents, answer any questions and deal with any problems that come up along the way.  Success is always easier when you are equally yoked.
When it comes to technology a lot of it simply is not good enough to be worth the effort of adapting it. We always deliver our agents highly usable and user friendly technology and on top of that we will sit down with you set you up and walk you through using it.
The technology we offer includes:
Free KvCORE (full suite) - you get your own website with IDX search and home valuations, an amazing CRM with smart campaigns, landing pages, squeeze pages, social media posts, open house signup app, listing promotions done for you, you can run facebook and google ppc campaigns, etc. You get everything you need to nurture and grow your business and you can do it all from your phone. 
Free ready to go social media posts on your phone
Free intranet packed with training
Free transaction management platform which is probably the easiest back office you will ever use
Company Slack Workspace
We don't have any admin fees, marketing fees, transaction fees or any other brokerage fees you need to charge your clients and hope they don't notice. We also don't hold you to a minimum commission percentage per deal and we don't charge you based on what we think you should have gotten paid, we charge you on what you actually get paid. We pay your E&O for you and we don't charge you technology fees, monthly fees, license hanging fees, meeting fees, event fees, office key fees, conference room fees, training fees or any other garbage fees. Our model is simple: we make money helping you make money. 
80/20 split with a 10k cap then $500 a deal for the next 10 deals and $250 for every deal after. Resets every calendar year.
Agents are able to build a team and we can help you do that
If you are new to real estate we have set up a system to best help you succeed. 
New agents require a lot of extra work and attention. To help new agents transition into real estate they will receive a mentor as well as individual attention from our brokers. The mentor and brokers will be there to walk you through every step from getting the lead to closing your deal.  For the first 3 transactions new agents will be on a 50/50 split. New agents will get their choice of eligible mentors. 
50% to agent 
25% to mentor
25% to brokerage 
Once new agents have done 3 transactions they will be considered experienced agents but don't worry our brokers will still be there to help you. 
First we offer unique company paid marketing and events to drive more opportunities to you to help you grow your business. Then we also offer ready to go clients to help to support and supplement the work you do and keep your business growing. We use our decades of experience generating leads and converting them to clients then split them with you so you can have a solid flow of deals, avoid the real estate commission roller coaster ride and continually grow your business.
Yes you are independent as a real estate agent but at TSG you are never an island. We are here to help you and you will have over half a century of experience and two brokers at your fingertips for when you need help. Whether it is helping you gameplan a solution or jumping in and getting in the mud with you we got your back.  If you have a problem, don't lose sleep over it. Contact one of us. We most likely have dealt with that same problem in the past and can easily help you solve it. 
We do one on one individual training based on what each agent needs and help you craft your business and plan out our success on an individual basis.  We also do small group training and large group training and have an intranet full of self paced training for our agents. Additionally we compliment our internal training with relevant outside training so our agents are always growing.  Our latest program is our Agent Mastermind meetings where you can share and learn from each other and find new and better ways to do things from your peers. 
If you think we might be a good fit let's sit down and chat. To set up a meeting or to find out more information you can call or text our Broker In Charge Sherry Swift directly at 843 900 4692 or email us. We look forward to hearing from you.
If you haven't started your licensing courses yet we highly recommend Perry Real Estate College. They have an amazing exam pass rate, do a fantastic job of preparing you for the test, are 100% online, are very affordable, available and responsive to their students. Check out them out at the link below and feel free to use discount code TSG to save a few bucks. 
Get your license with Perry Real Estate College 
1.       Our 100% online, self-paced courses are accessible 24/7 for maximum student convenience.  
2.       We have a team of experienced agents and industry leading experts to help answer any questions you may have about your new real estate career and to share their real-world expertise. 
3.       We have industry leading pass rates, each of our courses was designed specifically to help you pass the real estate exam and start your real estate career. 
4.       Our courses provide immediate feedback and access to thousands of practice questions and practice exams, allowing you to identify your weaknesses and study more efficiently.The practice quizzes and exams can be taken as many times as needed with new questions shuffling in. 
5.       24/7 instructor support. We are available around-the-clock to help with any of your real estate questions. The days of making an appointment with your instructor are over, we are there for you when you need us.  
6.       We offer affordable and flexible payment plans. Just select Affirm at checkout or call us and we will find a plan that works for you! 
7.       Trusted source of real estate education by top agents and brokers throughout the state. 
8.       Fully State Approved. Every single course we offer is approved by the Commission and up to the highest industry standards.